Arts Midwest

Arts Midwest, a non-profit regional arts organization headquartered in Minneapolis, serves audiences, arts organizations and artists throughout the nine states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. The organization’s history spans more than 25 years.

Arts Midwest’s mission is to promote creativity, nurture cultural leadership, and engage people in meaningful arts experiences, bringing vitality to Midwest communities and enriching people’s lives.

Annually, cultural programs initiated by Arts Midwest reach close to a million people, enhancing the quality of life in hundreds of cities, towns, and rural areas. Arts Midwest brings touring performing artists, educational outreach activities, conferences, and visual arts exhibitions to performing arts centers, arts councils, colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools, community centers, museums, and art centers. Arts Midwest’s high-quality cultural activities, in a spectrum of artistic genres, reach school children, university students, families, and adults of all ages.

Arts Midwest is governed by a volunteer board of directors composed of business, arts, and community leaders. Arts Midwest also works with advisors who help shape its programs and services to fit the needs of the hundreds of artists, organizations and communities it serves. Arts Midwest has a staff of 19 full-time employees and works with approximately 60 volunteers annually.

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