California Shakespeare Theater

Berkeley, CA

Under the leadership of Artistic Director Jonathan Moscone and Managing Director Susie Falk, California Shakespeare Theater strives for everyone, regardless of age, circumstance or background, to discover the relevance of theater in their lives by making boldly imagined and deeply entertaining interpretations of Shakespeare and the classics; providing in-depth, far-reaching, artistic learning opportunities for diverse youth; and developing new models of theater-making aimed at increasing participation in their creative community. The essential nature of their mission is to look at Shakespeare and the classics and reassert their role in today’s world through three interrelated programs. Mainstage productions engage artists of diverse ages, cultures, and backgrounds to bring their own voices to this work—creating theater with contemporary relevance for the broadly diverse Bay Area communities. Artistic Learning programs address the profound deprivation of the arts in public education through multi-faceted programming that ignites students’ creative minds and voices; develops their literacy and critical thinking skills; and exercises their capacity for empathy and cooperation. Finally, the Triangle Lab, the company’s long-term partnership with San Francisco-based Intersection for the Arts, explores new forms of theater that invite active participation, new kinds of collaborations between artists and community members, and new ways for theater artists to become deeply integrated into community life.

For Shakespeare in American Communities, California Shakespeare Theater will present student matinees of A Winter’s Tale (Fall 2013) directed by Patricia McGregor, as part of their Student Discovery program. The company will provide related educational activities, including classroom workshop, in-depth residencies, teacher training, and a teacher’s guide. They anticipate reaching 40 schools from the San Francisco Bay area and northern Central Valley.