Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble

Bloomsburg, PA
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Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble was founded in 1978 by young artists who came to study with legendary acting teacher Alvina Krause. The company has made a long-term commitment to provide unique cultural opportunities to its non-urban region. The ensemble is highly regarded outside of Pennsylvania as well, having toured internationally and been profiled in national publications. The company is dedicated to its community, to theater as a patient but powerful instrument of understanding and social change, and to one another as artists. As a resident ensemble united by responsibility, they share in the stability and growth of the company; demonstrate the viability of collective artistic direction; and support diverse and evolving individual aesthetics. Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble produces classical and contemporary plays, as well as original work from folklore, found text, history, interviews, and literature of many cultures. Their performances take place in the Alvina Krause Theatre, schools, and community venues. Their home and region inspires them, and they in turn awaken the imagination, provoke questions, and embolden the spirit of the community.

For Shakespeare in American Communities, Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble presented student matinees and evening performances of The Merchant of Venice directed by Ensemble Member Andrew Hubatsck, as part of their Project Discovery Initiative. The company provided related educational activities, including post-performance talkbacks and workshops, in-school workshops, and a study guide. They reached more than 1,200 students from 20 schools located in Pennsylvania.